7 Seconds @ 924 Gilman – Berkeley, Ca. September 22nd, 2012

27 ago, 7 Seconds changed the way I listened to music, and every time I have had the opportunity to photograph them it’s been a bit surreal. Last night at 924 Gilman was no exception. Standing up against the stage trying to take photos while protecting my gear from the constant barrage of fearless stage diving kids, I got a bit caught up in the moment, and spent just as much time with my fist in the air while screaming the lyrics as I did looking through my lens. And to see so many young people, some of who I’m sure weren’t even born when the band released their first records, doing the same was pretty amazing. It’s funny how these days it’s at the shows of the bands I grew up listening to where I have taken some of my favorite photos….

Die Antwoord @ Outside Lands – San Francisco, Ca. August 10st, 2012

Die Antwoord had been on my “Bucket List” of bands to photograph for the last few years, and I finally had a chance to shoot them at Outside Lands this year. Of the 26 bands I photographed, they were probably one of my favorites, and I am very much looking forward to shooting them again.

ArnoCorps @ Slim’s – San Francisco, Ca. August 31st, 2012

ArnoCorps are always great fun to photograph, and even though the lighting and the smoke machine made it a bit tricky to shoot, I think these photos capture the vibe of their set. And major thanks to the band for letting me photograph from inside that silly barricade that was set up!